Rules of Play

Another Video with Details on Card Symbols Coming Soon!!

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Here's How To Play

Welcome to Heroes of the Fray! We appreciate the opportunity to introduce ourselves and show you how to play our game. We think it's pretty awesome. (We hope you do too!) But if there's something that isn't clear or you think we could explain better, we definitely would like to hear about it. Please don't hesitate to contact us. Comment on the videos or connect with us through our website. We always love to hear from you!

Heroes of the Fray is an easy to learn, fun to play deck-building card game.

Players duel each other by first choosing their unique hero. The Mage Deck will contain the Mage Hero:

The Warrior Deck will contain the Warrior Hero:

Your Hero Deck will come with 34 Troop Cards, 15 Token Cards, and 10 Manna Cards

Token Cards
Token Cards

Although we only have two Hero Decks so far, we are already working on our next designs.

Each game set requires two 20-sided life dice and one normal 6-sided dice.